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An asphalt driveway is a significant investment for homeowners and protecting that investment should be a top priority. Our professional sealcoating service offers homeowners protection for their driveway investment. Sealcoating is a perfect solution for extending the life of your paved investments and making them look more beautiful in the process. Arlington Asphalt Paving offers quality sealcoating that is designed to keep your asphalt driveway looking brand new and will reduce the costs of repairs on that driveway in the future.

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What is Sealcoating?

After some time, your black-top driveway and other cleared surfaces will start to break down. UV beams, oil-based synthetic substances, for example, oil and gas, and normal introduction to cruel components will all add to this crumbling. Fluid sealcoating fills in as a defensive option against the introduction to synthetic substances and ordinary wear and tear. A professional sealcoating service will help preserve and protect your asphalt investment. It's best to include sealcoating in your regular maintenance to make sure your driveway lasts as long as possible. Often times, regular sealcoating can double the lifespan of your driveway and keep it looking brand new even in the harshest of environments. Northern Virginia, specifically Arlington Virginia is known to have pretty harsh conditions.

Additionally, if you're interested in the curb appeal of your home and increasing resale value, sealcoating is something worth considering. Contact us today for questions about our sealcoating service!

How Often Do I Need Sealcoating?

Typically speaking you don't need to sealcoat your driveway every year. A normal asphalt driveway that experiences wear and tear should often be professionally sealed every 2-3 years. Another way to determine when a sealcoat should be applied as when it appears dry and faded.

Please note that sealcoating is a cosmetic product and is designed to preserve and protect your driveway for years to come. It acts as a protective barrier extending the life of your asphalt.  A liquid seal coat is not designed to fill or repair a cracked driveway, this is a need for a patching service. Before sealcoating is applied patching should be done prior to fill in cracks and holes.

For more information about proper sealcoating frequency or to schedule your free, no-obligation quote please contact Arlington Asphalt Paving today!

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Professional Sealcoating in Arlington VA

Sealcoating is often a process that homeowners attempt to do with themselves. With that said we always recommended and encourage homeowners to contact a professional paving service to sealcoat their driveways.  Arlington Asphalt Paving is not only a trusted and experienced repair and maintenance company but we also use the highest quality grade industrial sealcoats. Our sealcoating product is formulated specifically for the harsh climate and weather conditions that Northern Virginia offers.

Our crews use state-of-the-art equipment and take extra caution to make certain that your driveway is well prepared and ready to accept the seal coat. Our first priority is to make sure that our service lines up with your busy schedule but it's also important to pay attention to the weather and make sure that we are there on a day that makes sense. Typically speaking, after a sealcoat is applied, homeowners should wait 24 hours before driving on their driveway.